James Hutchings. Professional editing for fantasy and science fiction.
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My prices are listed below. I am also happy to provide a quote.
For a quote, contact me via this form, including the type of edit you want and the length of the piece.
To send me your work, use this form.
Proofreading Only
You might be happy with the structure of your work, but want me to check it for spelling and grammar issues. This costs 1c per word, with a minimum of $20 (all prices are in US currency). Some example prices follow.
3,000 word short story$30
40,000 word short novel$400
100,000 word long novel$1,000
Because of the minimum charge of $20, if you want me to edit poems or very short prose, you might want to send me a few at a time.
Copy and Structural Editing Only
On the other hand, you might have had your work proofread already, but want advice on possible structural changes. This costs 2c per word up to 10,000 words, and 3c for every 10 words thereafter. Some example prices follow.
3,000 word short story$60
40,000 word short novel$290
100,000 word long novel$470
Full Editing
A full edit involves proofreading, copy editing, and structural editing. This means that you want me to look for misspellings and grammatical errors, and give you suggestions for structural changes.
To find the cost for a full edit, simply add the costs for proofreading and copy and structural editing. Some example prices follow.
3,000 word short story$90
40,000 word short novel$690
100,000 word long novel$1,470
Second Edits
If I edit your work, and you rewrite it based on my suggestions, I will edit your next draft at half price.
Please note that this applies to new drafts of a work I've already looked at. It does not apply to new works from the same author.
Also note that this only applies to the same kind of edit. For example, if you get me to do a copy and structural edit, then ask me to proofread your next draft, the proofreading will not be half price.
I can take payment in any currency. I will email you the cost in your preferred currency.
I take payment by PayPal or credit card. I will email you the details once I get your manuscript.
If you have further questions, contact me via this form.
To send me your work, use this form.
I was stared at, hooted at, grinned at, chattered at, by monkeys, by paroquets, by cockatoos. I ran into pagodas, and was fixed, for centuries, at the summit, or in secret rooms: I was the idol; I was the priest; I was worshipped; I was sacrificed. I fled from the wrath of Brama through all the forests of Asia: Vishnu hated me; Seva laid wait for me. I came suddenly upon Isis and Osiris: I had done a deed, they said, which the ibis and the crocodile trembled at. I was buried for a thousand years, in stone coffins, with mummies and sphinxes, in narrow chambers at the heart of eternal pyramids. I was kissed, with cancerous kisses, by crocodiles; and laid, confounded with all unutterable slimy things, amongst reeds and Nilotic mud.

Thomas de Quincey.
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